Thursday, October 7, 2010

Skin Care Products for Amazing Radiant Looks

Beneath the skin lies the dermis that can be damaged by extreme exposures to the sun, germs, detergents and other chemicals we may come in contact with at home or work environment. Besides protection from weather elements, the skin prevents water loss from the body that is evidenced by a dry or chapped skin. This means that the skin is a vital organ that should be well maintained for a healthy look. We should thus eat healthy and invest in skin care products that ensure the skin is moist, soft and glowing. The best skin care products don’t have to be expensive; there are numerous beauty products with ingredients that work for different types of skin.
The areas that are most prone to dryness and sunburn include the face, neck, lips and hands. However, some other body parts may be affected in some situations. For instance, many people are affected in the summer season by sunrays when they are basking in the sun or going about with their businesses. You should thus be aware of the exact skin care product ideal for your skin. Moisturizers are a solution to most dry skin. Skin moisturizers include creams and lotions.
Skin care products especially moisturizers have numerous active ingredients that leave your skin hydrated, toned up and soft all day. Such include emollients like mineral oil, humectants like glycerin and alpha hydroxy acids that absorb moisture from the air and maintain your skin soft and moist. The lips are also exposed to dryness just like the hands. You should thus use lip balm or lubricating cream with petrolatum or bees wax. A lip balm with sunscreen will protect your lips when going out in the sun.
Generally, an extreme exposure to the sun is harmful to the skin as it may lead to many types of skin cancers. You should therefore invest in sunscreen based skin care products like lotions, gels, wax sticks, creams, ointments and sprays. These have different sun protection factor indicated on them. A sun protection factor of at least 30 is effective but should never be a reason for you to expose your skin in the sun for prolonged hours. If you are to stay in the sun, apply sunscreen thirty minutes earlier on all exposed skin. Sunscreen should also be applied two hours after swimming, sweating or drying off.
Another culprit that makes the skin look unhealthy for most young people is acne. Keeping your face clean can prevent this and avoiding oily products on your face - oil clogs the skin pores and attracts germs that surround us when we touch our faces. An acne-affected skin can be treated with skin care products like acne creams composed of sulfur or benzoyl peroxide. These work by drying up any sebum on your face where germ-causing acne may manifest. These compounds used in many facial creams also remove black heads.
Some skin care products also have anti aging ingredients like antioxidants that prevent or slow down most aging signs like wrinkles, aging spots, sagging skin and fine lines. Most skin care anti aging products are sourced from different plant parts hence have less side effects especially for sensitive skin type. Anti aging supplements are also available. You should however eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to keep your skin supple. Also note that smoking leaves your skin dull and dry even with the most effective skin beauty products.

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