Friday, December 24, 2010


It’s the holiday season once again and the mood to celebrate has just set in. Partying and going out with friends feels much jollier than any other time of the year. Food and drinks are a common sight this season in get together and end year parties. You can spruce up your face to look good and outstanding wherever you go. The face is the first place people look at when they meet you. It is routine for most women to make up their face when they leave the house. You can break the monotony by using antiaging products which match with your skin type and completion. Antiaging skincare takes care of each and every bit of your skin you want to flaunt. Let’s start with the general face and especially for a party in the festive season. This time round, you can break the rules by involving bold and shimmery colors in your make up.
First things first. Before any make over product is tried on your face, wash your face clean to remove dirt, bacteria or old makeover. Follow the procedure of using a cleanser, toner then use an antiaging moisturizer before you go on. You can then apply face foundation on your skin. If you are out dancing, don’t over do your cream or powder foundation; it does not look girly if it mixes with sweat, try a liquid base instead. For your cheeks, use blusher that complements with your skin color. Apply it using upward and outward strokes. Your eyes can have a flattery look by using faint shiny colors. Choose a color that complements with your face. Avoid contrasting colors if you opt for two types of color. If you are using two colors, let one be dark and the other one a bit shiny. Begin by using the light toned color on the eyelid in an upward stroke and towards your brow bone. The second dark color should be applied from the lower lid towards the lashes. Make up your lashes to make them look even. Apply an eyeliner and blend unwanted color shades.
You can choose an antiaging lipstick with a shade that matches your skin tone. If you are light skinned, gold or silver liners look good. Dark skin also looks elegant with dark shades of purple or reds for the occasion. Don’t overdo your lips, as the resulting effect may look competitive with that of the eyes. Maintain the lips simple but appealing with a combination of the lipstick and a touch of lip-gloss, wipe away excess to finish up your makeover procedure. Make use of your facial powder time and again to stick your lovely work in place. You are now ready to face the world boldly as long as you keep the rules and avoid touching your face! Remember to flash that sweet smile when you need to. Combined with the makeup, you will turn heads than ever. Finally as you have been told from time to time, never go to bed with make over. Your old cleansing and moisturizing routine will come in useful here just like in the beginning of the makeover. Try this wonderful antiaging makeover tips to enjoy your holiday in style.