Friday, November 12, 2010

Tips To Make Your Skin Healthy As You Age

The skin is vital for human growth as it keeps the body organs intact. The skin also has sweat glands that enable our bodies exhale. In the process, waste salts in the form of sweat cool our bodies. These salts however should not remain on the skin as they may attract bacteria that contribute to body odor and acne. A blemish free soft skin is usually healthy and makes you look young. To achieve this skin beauty, you need to do away with bad practices on your skin and form a habit of treating your skin with tender loving care.
Facial and hand skin are usually exposed and hence are prone to harmful external elements like the sun, wind, bacteria and dangerous chemicals. These elements make your skin dry and dull. You should thus use moisturizers with vitamin E and essential fatty acids like omega 3 on your skin. These ingredients prevent moisture loss to avoid dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Moist skin can still be achieved by eating healthy. You need to consume foods rich in vitamins A, C and E like fruits and green vegetables. These aid in collagen production for a healthy skin. Drinking plenty of water moisturizers your skin and flushes out toxins that make your skin appear dull. Doing away with habits like smoking, high alcohol and caffeine consumption will do your skin a great favor.
It is natural for the skin to shed off to give way to new skin cells. Dead skin cells should not be left on new or growing skin cells, you can do away with it by exfoliation. This process removes dead skin cells to reveal a smooth fresh layer of skin. Home remedies include facial scrubs at least once a week. Chemical and natural facial masks are also ways of dealing with dead skin. An exfoliated skin allows blood circulation and ingredient absorption.
Dirt and germs from our hands can be transferred on our faces by touching. These elements are responsible for acne. You should therefore avoid touching your face and keep your hands clean. The face also needs cleaning in the morning and evening. Remember to wash off make-up before you go to bed as make-up can clog skin pores and causes acne. Facial skin needs to be protected from harmful ultra violet rays. Invest in sunscreen-based products. Wearing a hat or sunglasses is a sure way of protecting your delicate facial skin.
Finally exercise is good for the skin. The skin ages as we grow. It is thus advisable to do exercises to keep the skin supple. Exercising regularly gives you a firm skin and enables blood circulation around the surface of your skin. Seek the guidance of a professional if you need to use a product on your skin since skin types differ so does the working of skin care products. Incase you would like to know more about daily skincare practices, please don't hesitate to leave your questions or comments below and I will be glad to respond in time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How To Go About Choosing The Best Skincare Anti Ageing Products

Do you want to look young than your age? Well, there are a million ways to achieve that. I already have disclosed many in my previous posts and am glad to keep revealing more. Aging signs are a shocker to most men and women especially when they begin to show on facial skin. The skin around the eyes and mouth is so delicate that some aging signs like crow’s-feet, dryness, freckles, wrinkles and fine lines begin to be noticed. Apart from an advanced age, wrinkles and fine lines may be enhanced by harsh weather, poor diet and other conditions. These factors should not rush anyone with a sound mind use any skin care product that works well on another person. The numerous over-the-counter beauty products may not work according to your expectations since skin types are different and the elements triggering aging may differ. This should not worry you since scientific inventions have come up with different medicinal and cosmetic antiageing products for all skin types.
However not all beauty products work magic on your skin; choosing anti aging products thus involves more than a keen eye. To ease your search, a dermatologist’s help is good since he can judge your skin type and advise you on the best ingredients for your skin after a diagnosis. The sun is a major culprit of skin damage due to its harmful ultraviolet rays. Staying away from the sun is thus advisable. If you find yourself in a situation exposing you to the sun, then your selection of antiageing beauty products should involve those that are sunscreen based. An antiaging product aimed at protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays should have a sun proof factor ranging between 15 and 30.
You should note the compounds present in anti aging products that eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and reduces other signs of aging. Retinoid or vitamin A is a good treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. Peptides, other forms of ingredients have two or more amino acids and increase collagen production making your skin supple at the same time healing wrinkles. Melanin production relies on copper present in foods and also in the best antiageing products. Finally, the cover graphics and prints should not mislead you. A good antiaging product is precise enough to explain how it works, the ingredients it contains, mode of application and possible side effects. Always remember that the secret to looking young needs intelligence and patience.
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