Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Achieve A Beautiful Skin Right From Your Kitchen

Looking good does not necessarily require you to invest in expensive skincare makeover. You can actually take care of your skin with pure natural ingredients right from your kitchen. There are common skin problems that don’t need a visit to a dermatologist. For example acne and oily skin are some the skin problems that affect most people. You can therefore use natural ingredients from your kitchen to give your face a costless treatment. Honey and sugar are ideal acne treatment. Egg yolk mask is a common facial mask. Eggs have proteins and vitamin A. The important part to use is the egg yolk that you should separate with your fingers from the yeast. The egg yolk is whipped thoroughly. Wash your face clean with clean lukewarm water and dry it. Then apply the egg all over your face, leave for twenty minutes for it to soak deep in the skin and wash it clean. After a few days this process will rid off all acne, and spotting caused by it. Eggs tighten the skin too. Mashed carrots are rich vitamin C and natural antioxidants than many anti aging products claim to have. The paste or its juice clears acne and acne scarring. The face looks rejuvenated from this remedy. Apply it on a clean face and wait for ten to fifteen minutes before washing it away.

Moving down from the face, you can stop relying on shop skincare products too much by using natural exfoliants. These remove dead skin giving you a smooth layer of skin and also moisturize your skin. The skin pores are opened giving way to new growth of hair on your skin. Scrubbing your body is the way to prevent ugly ingrown hair. Skin care using sugar requires you to mix the sugar with oil from aloe vera or olive oil. Apply the mass all over the boy and leave for three to four minutes. Shower as usual. After a weekly usage for one month, you will see a change. Sugar tones the skin making it even in color. The texture is improved from rough and dry to smooth. This is because sugar has alpha hydroxyl acid that contributes much in exfoliation and skin healing. Body scrub can also be made from cooking salt. This is good in exfoliation because of its coarseness. To reduce its rough texture on your skin, add some olive oil but don’t make the salt dissolve completely. You can also add fragrance to your scrub by a few drops of liquid soap. After bath, apply the mixture while your skin is still moist for easy absorption. Rinse it off after five minutes for an improved skin texture and appearance. For cellulite healing, rub coffee and olive oil on affected parts for some days period, it cellulite will disappear after some time leaving you with a smooth tight skin.

Exfoliants play key role in achieving healthy skin.(Anti-Aging & Cosmeceutical Corner): An article from: Household & Personal Products Industry

Finally don’t forget about caring for your toe and fingernails. Using natural oil like olive oil on the nail cuticles strengthens the nails. Dipping your feet in salty warm water softens hard nails tough to cut. Remember to file your nails than cutting them so as not to expose them to trauma. Using natural skin care products right from your fridge and kitchen cabinet is not only cheap but you will be sure of what you are using than relying on chemically based skincare products.