Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Compounds That Form Your Skin Care Products And Their Effect On Your Skin

The human skin is delicate and the largest organ of the body that should be taken care of. Your skin can actually tell much about your inner being without need for spoken words. The skin can be kept alive and young just like that of an infant with most effective skin care products in market today. However, be warned, not every beauty product will go with your skin. There are however some important hypoallergenic ingredients that you can always look out for in the best rated skin care products. To start with, retinol is an ingredient that hastens the production of skin cells giving you a new layer of skin. Stearate alcohol is yet another ingredient. This is a preparation from stearic acid. It is actually a fatty alcohol used as an emulsifier, a softener and a thickener in lotions, hair conditioners and creams.

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for increased collagen production needed by your skin. This is a vital ingredient in skin care products like creams and lotions. Another acid ingredient is glycolic that eradicates spots on your skin and fine lines as a result of aging. Propylene glycol derived from petroleum is mixed with water and glycerin. This ingredient makes it easy to spread lotions and other forms of skin care make up. If used in higher amounts, it can increase acne attacks and irritate the skin.

Talc is an ingredient not known to many. This is an ingredient sourced from talc rock as white powder and is used in the manufacture of talcum powder and baby powder. This soft powder absorbs sweat and grease from your skin leaving it smooth. In excess, this skin care product may leave your skin very dry. Another useful compound in your skin care products is mineral oil. This is a non-penetrating oil that stands on your skin. It is commonly used in removing make up and also a moisturizer for dried out skin. This should be used carefully as it can block the skin pores hence accelerating the growth of acne or rashes on some skin types. These are among many skin care ingredients that make up your skin care product formula. It is always advisable to be aware of what effect an ingredient has on the body before trying it out.

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