Thursday, September 18, 2014

Important Antiaging Skin Care Ingredients To Look For In Antiaging Beauty Products


If you are out and about looking for antiaging skin care beauty products, that will make you look young, then you should narrow down your search by picking specific antiaging skin care ingredients in these products. These ingredients have active compounds responsible for slowing down the signs of aging. One of these common ingredients includes retinoids. These are derived from vitamin A from animal products. This ingredient can treat some skin cancers and other skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, freckles among others. Retinol repairs cellular damage hence leaving behind a tighter skin free of wrinkles. Collagen production leading to a larger epidermis is another benefit of retinol.

Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA's)

Yet other antiaging skin care ingredients for a youthful skin include alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA's). These acids are derived from sugar, milk and products like citrus fruits, papaya, apples, grapes, among others. These acids are good skin exfoliators as they shed off damaged skin cells leaving a new layer of rejuvenated skin. Sun effect on skin can be repaired with these acids. AHA's also improve pigmentation and skin texture. Examples of these important acids include lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, among others. Any antiaging skin care beauty products with these acids will retain a new youthful and healthy look.


Humectants are other important antiaging skin care ingredients that you should look for when shopping for cosmetics. These are substances able to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This action draws moisture to your skin and slows down moisture lose from your skin. You can thus expect a soft textured skin free of fine lines and wrinkles with use of these ingredients. Examples of these substances include glycerin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid.


Yet other important ingredients for antiaging include peptides. These are protein fragments responsible for skin regeneration. Some examples of peptides include copper peptides that have healing effects of lesions and prevent scar formation. Other peptides include pentapeptides and hexapeptide-3. Peptides too regulate the formation of skin layers thus improving the appearance of all skin types.

Finally ensure all your antiaging skin care beauty products have a sunscreen protection factor (SPF) of the right range. This is an important ingredient to shield you from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Essential Tips To Guide You In Choosing Skin Care Products

Any time you are thinking of buying antiaging skin care products, then you should always put some considerations in mind. One of the basic things to consider is your skin type. Most antiaging skin care reviews show that skin falls in three categories that are normal skin, dry skin, oily skin or a combination. A normal skin has a smooth soft matt while a dry skin is dull and cracked. On the other hand, an oily skin appears oily from look. A combination skin usually has patches of normal and dry skin. It is therefore wise to choose antiaging skin care treatment that matches your skin type.

With the many antiaging skin care treatment in the market today, you should not let the array confuse you. You can always narrow down your choice to products you are aware of that are clinically proven to work. Choosing hypoallergic antiaging skin care products is one way of ensuring that your skin won't be subjected to any form of harm. Yet another way of ensuring that your skin stays youthful as ever just as many antiaging skin care reviews claim, is through using beauty products with natural ingredients as opposed to products with chemically based ingredients that may irritate or damage your skin.

Important Points From Antiaging Skin Care Reviews To Help You Achieve A Youthful Skin

If you really wish to achieve a youthful skin, then reading antiaging skin care reviews can give you essential tips on how to go about it. There basically some simple things you can practice on your own to achieve a great skin. One of these basic things that are also effective antiaging skin care treatment is exfoliation. This is the process of removing dead skin by using scrubs like sugar and salts from home made scrubs. Using a loofah when bathing also gives way to a new layer of skin that well absorbs necessary nutrients. Some antiaging skin care products for facial scrubs with active ingredients like alpha hydroxyl acids can help in removing dead skin cells.

Another way of achieving a youthful looking skin according to most antiaging skin care reviews is by moisturizing. This means ensuring that your skin is well hydrated throughout the day whether in sunny or cloudy days. This should go hand in hand with exfoliation. It is therefore wise to invest in antiaging skin care products that will keep your skin moisturized for prolonged hours. A well moisturized skin can however begin right from within you. This means eating a lot of fruits and green vegetables to hydrate your skin. Water is a great antiaging skin care treatment for all skin types as it makes your skin supple and moisturized.

Acne is a condition that many antiaging skin care reviews address. This condition can well be avoided by cleaning your face at least twice per day. Cleaning your face removes makeup, oil and dirt that clog up skin pores thus causing acne. Some antiaging skin care treatment that can help reduce acne is by using water based or non-comedogenic products. Using antiaging skin care products with sunscreen is important to prevent the harmful ultra violet rays on the skin. These are basic steps you can take to have a radiant youthful skin.

The Best Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Treatments

Many of us are in hot pursuit of natural anti aging skin care treatments that can help slow down the aging process and keep us looking young. The market is flooded by beauty products but most of them do not contain clinically proven ingredients for natural skin care. Some products contain harsh chemical ingredients that instead of rejuvenating your skin to glow in health will make it react and in some cases cause spots and blemishes. These may not easily go away not unless you change to pure natural skincare treatments and use them consistently.

The aging process is of course natural but modern day life factors like stress, processed foods diet, pollution, global warming and others accelerate it hence the need for natural anti aging skin care treatments more than ever before. Don't be ignorant to wait for signs of wrinkles so as to start being concerned about natural skin care practices. There are many effective anti wrinkle products containing exfoliants and moisturizers to keep your skin supple. The best ingredients as contained in natural beauty products help increase collagen production. Vitamins A, C and E are very essential to maintain good skin health. Vitamin C contains antioxidants that fight free radicals which are notorious in causing wrinkles.

The best creams, lotions, lip balms and other skincare products you use should have a sun protection factor (SPF ) from 15 and above. There are many sunscreen lotions rating as high as 60SPF and are very effective in preventing ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. There are many natural anti aging products whose ingredients are botanically derived and if applied consistently produce amazing results. Some of them you can make yourself at home after doing a thorough research. If not sure or don't have the time to make them, you can buy the natural skincare products or visit spas and salons that use them.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Olive Oil Benefits Associated With Your Skin Health

There are tremendous skin health benefits that olive oil contains. You will surely find this “liquid gold” useful when it comes to personal skin care. This oil is safe used in its pure natural form and you can buy it from grocery stores or supermarkets. Olive oil usage has existed for centuries. Research on this plant oil shows that it’s safe for human consumption and on the skin. Using this precious oil on your skin is more beneficial than using processed body care products filled with many chemicals that may be harsh on your skin in the long run. It’s no wonder that some manufacturers add small amounts of this wonder oil to sell their beauty products. Some olive oil benefits on your skin include:

Moisturizing dry skin

A major effect olive oil has on the skin is hydrating or moisturizing it. The oil is rich in a compound called linoleic acid that does not exist in the human body. This acid plays the role of preventing moisture from escaping from your skin. This amazing oil is also rich in antioxidants which include Vitamin E and Vitamin A. These anti-oxidants have anti-aging properties and they help your skin stay supple and moist.

Cleansing skin

Normally, the skin comes into contact with many elements like dirt and oil which make it feel and look tired. Dead skin cells also make the skin dirty which explains the reason for bathing with soap everyday. Amazingly, pure olive can get rid of dirt from your skin. Massaging this oil on your skin and scrapping it off with a soft cloth removes all dirt but that should not be a substitute for not taking your daily bath unless you have very sensitive skin! You will also notice that many bath soap varieties include olive oil as a key ingredient needed in getting you cleaned up.

Exfoliating the skin

Skin exfoliation is very important as it opens up clogged skin pores closed by dirt and dead skin cells. Your skin needs to breathe and have way to get rid of body toxins excreted through sweat. Olive oil can therefore help your skin breathe as it is a great exfoliator. To maintain this skin health habit, you can consider mixing pure olive oil with sea salt and massage it all over your body. The mild abrasion of sea salt in combination with the natural oil deep penetrating effect gently gets rid of your dead skin cells. The result is a glowing epidermis.

Slow down wrinkles

Wrinkles may appear on your skin prematurely when it loses its elasticity. Natural olive oil is a great solution to rejuvenate the situation as it contains squalene which adds more elasticity to your skin thus giving it a firm and toned youthful look. This essential oil also includes antioxidant properties which help in fighting free radicals which can cause wrinkles or worse skin cancer. When eaten in foods, olive oil prevents the red blood cells from oxidizing which paves way for cancer and other skin ailments. The same antioxidants obtained when the oil is eaten also prevent skin cells from oxidizing.

Acne attack is annoying especially in many young men and women. This skin condition can be reduced or cured by applying olive oil on your skin. This oil is not harmful when it comes to skin health compared to some over the counter skin care products. Acne comes in many forms but some kinds can amazingly be completely eliminated by using the oil mixed with salt scrubs on the face. The oil is not very harmful when it comes into contact with the eyes when cleaning your face. This oil is not greasy; grease in some beauty products clogs the skin pores thus harboring growth for bacteria casing pimples or some kinds of acne. Though the oil has deep penetrating properties, it will always leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Healing skin conditions

Some skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema are quite embarrassing. If you are concerned about using over the counter drugs to treat the problem, you can consider a natural remedy and olive oil could be your best choice. Using this home remedy to cure such skin conditions is safe and has no side effects like most creams and lotions also meant to cure the problem. You can apply the natural oil on the affected skin parts everyday until the ugly dry patches stop appearing. Hydroxytyrosol is a rare antioxidant in olive oil that helps in dealing with free radicals that cause mot skin conditions.

Healing stretch marks

Stretch marks are a nuisance especially in women after giving birth. You can consider using virgin olive oil on the marks everyday. Eventually, the stretch marks will disappear from your skin. Applying the oil before and in your pregnancy period will greatly slow down the formation of stretch marks as the skin around your abdomen, thighs and buttocks expands as you gain weight much needed in pregnancy. Sudden weight gain can also stretch the skin in other people. This can also cause stretch marks which can well be treated with olive oil. The oil also reduces skin itchiness which may be felt on the stretch marks. This natural product softens the skin creating elasticity that does not over stretch when underlying tissues expand with weight gain.

Clearing blemishes

Skin health not only involves cleaning but also includes use of good skin care products like olive oil which may aid in getting rid of blemishes that appear on skin due to daily activities and bodily functions. This oil has healing properties that sooth skin cells to appear toned up and look youthful. You can apply this oil directly on the blemish whether it’s on the face or other body part. The non-sticky deep penetration property of olive oil gives quick recovery to damaged skin cells from within to clear any from of blemishes.

Smoothening dry feet

For petal soft feet, olive oil comes in handy when it is mixed with honey, sugar and small amounts of lemon juice to make foot scrub. To use this natural scrub, soak your feet in warm water and massage the concentration on them. You will feel the effect as you go on with your home care for your feet. After having enough foot scrub, rinse your feet and hands with a solution of water and olive oil to moisture them. This gentle foot scrub is good a skin health habit that you can practice weekly to prevent dry feet which may result in cracks.

Treating sunburn

Staying outdoors may cause sunburn on exposed skin areas. Mild sunburn can however be cured by use of natural olive oil. By applying the oil on affected area, further dryness which causes soreness or pain is prevented as olive oil retains skin moisture. To use the natural product on sunburn, mix same amount of oil and water in a closed container and shake well to mix the solution. After it mixes well, you can safely apply it on your sunburn and stay away from the sun. Olive oil will as well help discolored burnt skin peel out gently after a few days revealing glowing skin.

Substitute for shaving cream

Olive oil is a great after shave compared to many shaving creams and lotions on sale today. This pure plant oil is not harsh at all unlike some processed skin health products since its chemical free. The irritation that many men and women experience after shaving bodily hair can be soothed with extra virgin oil. Many people who have used the natural product enjoy its refreshing properties.  The pure olive oil allows close shaves that will not result in skin rash and burning sensation on shaved areas.

Minimizing cellulite

People with cellulite and especially women are conscious when dressing up for the beach. This is skin dimpling that is caused by collapsing of subcutaneous fat. You can happily say bye to cellulite effect by using olive oil mixed with coffee grounds. Olive oil and coffee grounds mixture seeps down your skin cells to underlying fat cells and makes them elastic and firm to prevent shrinking. Skin on shrinking underlying tissue will lose firm foundation and contour or cause what is known as cellulite. All you need to do is to directly apply the mixture on affected skin areas. You can carry out this treatment everyday and you will notice the unpleasant skin dimpling disappear slowly from your skin after some weeks.

Healing skin wounds

Wounds are not good for your skin health but mild ones can be treated with olive oil. To use the oil on small skin wounds, use small cotton swabs dipped in pure olive oil and apply around the wound edges. Oil will sooth surrounding skin and prevent the wound from spreading. Ensure that your wound is cleaned up before using the natural remedy. This oil was used by ancient communities to treat wounds and can work for your mild wounds that don’t need serious medical attention.

Creating home spa

Your visits to the spa can be reduced by a simple bottle of pure natural olive oil. All you have to do is add some reasonable drops of the oil into your bath just as you would add any bath oil. To spice up your spa experience, add some drops of essential oils in your bath water to scent it. An everyday use will not only relax your traumatized skin but will give it a supple soft touch for a youthful appearance. Using the natural oil in bath water will eventually reduce your use of other skin care products that claim to give you a youthful appearance.

Soothing baby skin

Olive oil is a skin health product that mothers can safely use on the tender skin of their babies especially in treating nappy rash. You can use the oil as a substitute for petroleum jelly for your baby’s skin. Olive oil will react quickly in curing nappy rash and other skin irritations that babies experience due to sweating or friction from playing. The oil is best on babies as it is in its purest form.

Addition to facial masks

Your home-made facial masks will not be spoilt by adding some drops of olive oil. This oil can work best with honey for a toned up facial skin. Olive oil is also essential when it comes to removing makeup without hurting your skin. Other than aiding in cleansing your facial skin, the oil will restore moisture to curb dryness that causes your face to appear dull and moist. Trying the oil with a variety of your facial masks will therefore not be harmful at all and is a good substitute to chemical-based masks.

Removing paint on skin

Paint stuck on your skin should not worry you if you have olive oil around. Simply apply the oil on skin areas with paint and gently wipe it away. Paint will gently loosen from your skin without causing any irritation. You can then wash your skin normally and even apply the oil to moisturize it. Cleaning paint from the skin leaves it soft, smooth and firm than using soap or other chemical based solvents meant to remove paint.

Having a bottle of olive oil in your kitchen after all is not a costly idea.  Considering the massive health benefits the oil has, stocking a bottle or two also in your bathroom cabinet could be very useful for all your family skin care needs. Considering the massive heath benefits of this golden oil, it would be better to cut down on costs associated with buying some beauty products and use olive oil as an alternative. Direct application of the oil on skin is equally as beneficial as eating it in food as the inward effect will be seen outwardly. Combining skin application of the natural oil and consuming it in food are both essential for your general health. You can teach your kids too the benefits of this oil for their skin and they will carry on the good use of the oil in their adult life. Compare prices for the oil online and ensure that you buy pure brands to reap the most skin health benefits.